Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery Surgeon Pretoria

A sophisticated, permanent procedure to turn back the years

Over time, with the ageing process, our faces bear the brunt of our lifestyle and we lose shape and volume. Exposure to sun, genetics and our South African outdoor lifestyle are just a few factors that cause this facial sagging in our faces, but a little surgical intervention and Dr Jandera can have you appearing your youthful self.

Keep you looking like you

A facelift is designed to tighten the skin and muscle in the face and neck to not only fight the force of gravity but also to replace volume where it is needed most – in the midface and cheek area. Vivien uses the latest surgical techniques to keep you looking like you and not a plastic version of you, and she hides the scar well inside the hairline to keep your little secret, well, secret!

Combination procedures

Being a woman, Dr Jandera understands the pressures of remaining youthful and she will give you her best advice regarding facelift surgery. She can offer you various options that include Botox, Injectables (Restylane), Chemical peels, and OPL (optimal pulsed light) that may combat the need for a facelift, but most important is that you make an appointment to get her professional opinion.

Visia Skin Analysis

Good skincare is the sound basis for any facial rejuvenation, and Dr Jandera’s staff will be happy to offer you a free VISIA skin analysis and recommend cosmeceutic products for your particular skin type. She stocks ranges of cosmeceutic products that can be tailor-designed for your skin.

Make an appointment

For more information on facelift and aesthetic medicine alternatives, make an appointment with Dr Jandera. Our staff will ask you a few questions when you make the appointment to assess how long your consultation will need to be.