Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgeon Pretoria

Resize and shape your breasts and be more comfortable in your own skin

Women with large, oversized breasts often complain about back pain and similar discomforts. Unfortunately oversized breasts can also lead to postural and spinal problems. Obviously there is also an aesthetic aspect – this is why most breast reduction surgeries are done.

The procedure

The surgical procedure aims to remove breast tissue, fat and skin, leaving you with smaller and firmer breasts. Many patients also want to reduce the size of their areola (nipple area) – this is easily done as part of the T-Incision procedure.

The T Incision involves three incisions:

  • Around the areola (the nipple area)
  • Vertically from the nipple to the inframammary fold
  • Along the inframammary fold

Sometimes, if only a small amount of tissue needs to be removed, it is possible to do the surgery without the scar in the inframammary fold, the so called “lollipop scar”.

I want you to feel perfectly comfortable

It is important to communicate your expected results with Dr Jandera as in most cases the surgery is performed for physical relief but there are also cosmetic considerations too. Dr Jandera and her team want you to be perfectly comfortable with the procedure, and having realistic expectations will enhance your result. Dr Jandera will also advise on the most suitable scar treatment to speed up the lightening of the scars. It is important to understand that scars following breast reduction can take up to a year to mature to their final result.

In many cases patients combine their breast reduction surgery with a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery to fully enhance the cosmetic outcome, particularly as upper pole fullness is lost in heavy breasts.

Make an appointment

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, visit a woman plastic surgeon who understands a woman’s needs. Make an appointment with Dr Jandera . Her staff will ask you a few personal questions – they are just trying to establish how much time you will need for your first consultation with Dr Jandera.