Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgeon Pretoria

There are numerous options to get your breasts back

Breasts are an important symbol of femininity in our society. So when a woman loses her breasts to breast cancer and mastectomy surgery, she has to deal not only with the physically draining effects of surgery but also the emotional shock and psychological damage of losing her breasts. Being a woman as well as one of a only a small number of woman plastic surgeons in South Africa, Dr Jandera can provide a caring environment together with the surgical skills to restore your breasts back to a pleasing shape and size.

Breast reconstruction is a personal choice. Your needs should be communicated openly with Dr Jandera for her to understand your expectations and to enable her to give the best possible recommendations for your situation.

Feel more comfortable with a woman surgeon

You will need to discuss with Dr Jandera:

  • Tissue donor sites vs. Expansion and prosthesis reconstruction
  • Future treatment plans
  • Working within the framework of current breast scars
  • Desired outcome with educated expectations

Breast reconstruction surgery is a journey with your Plastic Surgeon; some patients will feel more comfortable with a woman surgeon.

Make an appointment

For more information on Breast Reconstruction Surgery, contact Dr Vivien Jandera to make an appointment. Please don’t be shy if the staff ask a few questions – they are just trying to establish how much time you need for your consultation.