Injectables (Restylane)

Restylane Injector Pretoria

Restore volume and eradicate your wrinkles safely without surgery

Injectables (also called Fillers) are used to fill your wrinkles with a non permanent gel, so that the skin appears fuller and with fewer noticeable lines on the face and Restylane, the product used by Dr Jandera in her practice, is the world’s most clinically researched dermal filler and is the most widely used treatment worldwide.

Dr Jandera is a registered Restylane trainer, providing training to other plastic surgeons on the use of the injectable product. This means other Plastic Surgeons put faith in her to train them in the latest products and techniques.

The various techniques are staggering and Dr Jandera is a qualified trainer of them all – it is important to discuss your areas of concern.

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