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Add value and longevity to your aesthetic result by using recommended homecare products

If we told you that we could further enhance your aesthetic result by following a home anti-ageing regime, would you listen? What we have done at Dr Jandera’s rooms is select a range of homecare products for you to do just that – improve your final aesthetic result. Dr Jandera has selected only the best available products to suit every skin and every skin type regardless of treatment. Let us guide you in selecting the best homecare options for you.


SkinTech is a brand of homecare designed to be used in conjunction with the revolutionary Chemical Peel range of treatments. Please do not buy a SkinTech product without an indication from Dr Jandera as these are advanced and intense skin care products. Each product is specific to a skin indication and skin type.

The products include:

  • Actilift
  • Actilift
  • Body
  • Blending Bleaching Cream
  • Cleanser
  • IPLASE Mask
  • Melablock – HSP 50ml
  • Melablock – HSP Spray 25ml
  • Purifying Cream
  • Purigel
  • Nutritive Cream Vit.Ace Lipoic Complex
  • Vit.E Antioxidant

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The NeoStrata range of homecare products stems from an AHA Acid Chemical Peel range but the homecare products are far more broad based and useful to everyone. The Peel products are based upon unique formulations AHA (Alphahydroxy), PHA (Polyhydroxy) and bionic acids to cover the anti-ageing spectrum across all skin types. So too with the homecare range to cover the face and body, it is formulated further the therapeutic action across all skin types and indications. The homecare range is fragrance free and contains sun block.

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The Restylane Skin Care range is based upon the patented Hyaluronic Acid NASHA Technology also found in the Dermal Filler products. The products are clinically studied to work in conjunction with your Dermal Filler and Botox treatments, with the main aim of enhancing your aesthetic result. Dermal Fillers revitalise your skin from the inside while the Skin Care range is designed to moisturise and nourish the skin from the outside in. The product portfolio includes:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Day Cream (with and without SPF15)
  • Night cream
  • Night serum
  • Eye serum
  • Recover cream
  • Hand cream
  • Whitening day cream

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Prevage MD

This is an everyday anti-ageing solution. Prevage MD is designed to reduce wrinkles and improve the quality of the skin with application to the face and neck twice a day. The secret lies in the unique physician strength anti-oxidant formula with Idebenone. Topical application traps and removes harmful free radicals from the surface of your skin. Prevage MD is only available through your doctor.

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This is a sun block like no other. It is an oral dietary supplement designed to assist your body in fighting the ageing effects of the sun. Fernblock is the central ingredient that provides defence against harmful UV damage and the photo ageing effects on your skin.


Taking Heliocare pills has additional benefits too:

  • Protects your collagen
  • Protects your DNA
  • Benefits with anti-oxidant and immune response effects

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