The Vivien Experience


Just like many of her patients, Dr Jandera sees her family life as central to who she is, but she loves her work as a plastic surgeon as well.

A fully qualified plastic surgeon with 14 years experience in private practice and the official Restylane trainer to plastic surgeons in South Africa, Dr Jandera could behave like the stereotypical aloof plastic surgeon portrayed by the media, but she doesn’t. Don’t mention Dr 90210 when you see her, she hates the false Hollywood glitz that seems to be attributed to those in her field.

Vivien is the mother of one and wife of 16 years and she would rather enjoy her time with her patients than pretend she is anything other than your average woman who happens to have a qualification.

In theatre Vivien becomes Dr Jandera and she is as respected among her colleagues as she is amongst her patients. Dr Jandera is a member of both:

  • APRSSA (Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons South Africa)
  • SASSH (South African Society for Surgery of the Hand)

In her professional capacity Dr Jandera has had the honour of presenting the 2009 APRSSA Phoenix lecture, being the first woman to do so. She is also a member of South African Restylane MasterClass.

Meet the Team

I have been blessed to have the most AWESOME people to work with and to share my vision. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them!

Marilise Kruger Practice-Manager

MARILISE KRUGER – Marilise is our Practice Manager. She has been with the practice since 2003. With a background in somatology, she has been managing my practice since 2006 and is the fundi on well, just about everything!

She is also clinically experienced. She has completed a Holistic Wound Management course with Eloquent Healthcare and has been trained in Medical Tattooing. She has had the recognised training for the Palomar lasers as well as the Neostrata and Environ skin products and treatments.

Anria Leeuwner Aesthetics & Laser

ANRIA LEEUWNER – Anria trained for 3 years as a somatologist and spent 3 years after that working in a laser clinic. She joined us on a part-time basis in 2008 and we are very happy that she joined us full time in July 2011. She has a wealth of experience in lasers and skin care.

STEVE PARSONS and his team, who designed and consulted on this amazing website – you can contact them on if you need to schedule a time to meet them.