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This month, my blog is focusing on Breast Lift surgery and I am excited to share some information about this popular procedure at my practice.

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My goal with breast lift surgery is to rejuvenate the breasts by trimming excess skin and tightening supporting tissues to regain an uplifted, youthful contour. After a mastopexy, the breasts sit higher on the chest and are firmer to the touch.

In some instances, breast lifts can also reposition and reduce the size of the areola which may have stretched or drooped with age.

To sum it all up, the goal of a mastopexy is to create a perkier, lifted, more youthful breast shape. The results look natural, it gives my patients their desired aesthetic goals and has helped improve my patients’ body image, self-esteem and confidence!

Mastopexy does not affect breast size or upper fullness. Women who want to change their breasts’ volume should rather consider a breast augmentation or a breast reduction which can easily be done in conjunction with a breast lift. The result after a mastopexy is a natural looking breast.

Of course, the best option is to book an appointment with me so that I can accurately assess your breasts and determine which procedure is right for you and your aesthetic goals.

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My breast lift patients are happy with the volume, just not the shape or sagginess that can happen with age, having babies and weight loss – or they have noticed that their breasts are just not perky like they used to be. Other women are seeking better symmetry of their breasts if one is a significantly different size or shape than the other.This surgery is also ideal for bariatric surgery patients due to the substantial weight loss.

The perfect breast lift candidates are women whose breasts meet some or all of the following conditions:

•Breasts sag

•Breasts have lost shape or volume

•Breasts are flat, elongated or pendulous (hanging)

•Breast skin and/or areola is stretched

•Nipples or areolas point downward

•One breast is lower than the other

•Nipples or areolas are located in the breast crease when breasts are unsupported



There are three common types of incisions I use for breast lifts:

  • A doughnut-shaped incision around the areola (small-incision mastopexy, generally only recommended for patients with small breasts and minimal sagging);
  • A lollipop-shaped incision around the areola and down to the breast crease;
  • And a lollipop-shaped incision with an additional half-moon incision, in an anchor shape, along the breast crease.

The type of incision I will choose depends on the patient’s:

•Breast size and shape

•Degree of sagging

•Size and position of the areolas/nipples

•Amount of excess skin

•Skin quality

Mastopexy is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesic and usually takes me between 2 and 4 hours to complete. I make the necessary incisions before lifting and reshaping the breast tissue into its new, youthful contour.

The next step is to move the nipple and areola higher on the breast, and to remove extra skin around the perimeter if the areola is enlarged.

Lastly, I trim the excess breast skin caused by poor elasticity. Stitches layered deep throughout the breast tissue support the lifted breasts.



I will, of course, give you specific instructions on how to care for your breasts after your mastopexy in order to optimize the healing and reduce the risk of infection.

You will be able to resume non-impact lower body exercises a couple of weeks after the surgery and more strenuous exercise can be resumed six weeks postoperatively.

The final results of your breast lift will appear over the next few months once your breasts have healed and settled completely. Incision lines are permanent, but scars will continue to fade over time.

The results of a breast lift are long-lasting, and your breasts will remain perky with their new shape and natural-looking for many years. However, your breasts will age with you over time, as appropriate. But it is interesting to notice that women who have implants along with their breast lift may find the results last longer.

I hope you found this blog on breast lift surgery interesting and learnt a thing or two? I hope I answered some of your questions and remember that if you are you interested, do not hesitate to contact my Pretoria practice on 012 993 0566 to make an appointment. Also, remember my website.



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